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Entertainment, Evolved
 From effortless planning to confident execution, we deliver an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. 
We cover the sights, sounds and atmosphere of your momentous occasion to thrill you and your guests and help create a truly extraordinary evening. 
  We invite you to explore this page and discover the EventXTC Evolution of Entertainment.
Entertainment Evolved
Our  Approach
No two Events are exactly alike. We create a unique, tailored experience for every client and their guests. Utilizing a modern approach to wedding entertainment, we work with you to materialize your wedding vision to perfection. Fun, relaxed, elegant, or radical- we have the experience and talent to deliver a reception that exudes your personal style and that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.
Two-Person, Team Coordination
We’ve evolved the typical Event DJ format… into a two-person team approach giving you a dedicated Event host, and a dedicated music specialist. This approach allows your DJ to give full-attention to every moment of the Event, with distracting logistics handled for them by their assistant. Both will coordinate with you and your other event professionals, paying special attention to the details of your Event beyond entertainment to deliver a cohesive, polished experience.
Cheese-Free Announcements
Our Event hosts are simply there to help ‘host’ your Event, and not put on a flashy show. Nobody wants to remember your wedding host, they want to remember the party. We’ll take the focus off of us, and put it squarely on the festivities you choose. We’ll talk extensively about how you’d like your host to interact with your guests.
Your Music, No Surprises
Our Extensive music library and planning tools allow you to select your perfect music mix at your leisure. Create a ‘Must Play’ and ‘Do Not Play’ so you can rest easy knowing that we understand your wishes. Remember this is Your Event and we play it your way.
Planning Process Explained 
Now that you’ve decided that you’d like to work with us for your Event, your next step is to officially book our services. When you’re ready to move forward, the booking process is rather simple… We’ll schedule an appointment for you and your fiance to visit our main office to sign your contract. Once the contract is complete, you’re off on your planning adventure! 
As the big day draws closer, we’ll contact you to schedule a final planning meeting. During this final planning meeting, we’ll spend some time outlining the evening’s agenda, and further discussing your music preferences. 
We will attend the rehersal providing music to adjust for timing, plan for eqipment needs and locations and just to further insure your event runs smoothly
We are more than just Weddings
Weddings are one of our focuses, but its not all we do.
Socials, Fundraisers, Parties, Corporate Events, Community Events and PA Services.
 The above is only a small list of what we can do.
You've got questions we've got the answers for you  just call or email us 
Special rates for approved charity events.

Options, Options, Options
Custom mixed music
Live streaming of your event to the web
Several 65" displays or projector and 10' screen for video, photo or multimedia presentations
Full club lighting,  from moving heads to laser effects and everything in between to add the extra excitement to your Party

Check us out
There are no do overs for live events,
chose wisely, chose EventXTC
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When the ordinary just wont do... Rely on EventXTC to create the extraordinary...